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“Heinz Heise is a publishing house based in Hanover, Germany.” – Source

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Hide first-party embedded DoubleClick ads

- trigger:
  - url-filter: heise.de
  - load-type: first-party
- action:
  - selector: div.teaser_meldungen, .bcadv_oben, .us_ad, .akwa-ad-container, .akwa-ad-container__us-ad, .teaser_hbs, .teaser_deal_des_tages, .a-paternoster-ad, .img-ad, .img-ad--usad, .hbs-ad__link, a-ad
  - type: css-display-none
- trigger:
  - url-filter: www.heise.de/autos
  - load-type: first-party
- action:
  - selector: div.teaser_meldungen, .bcadv_oben, .us_ad, .akwa-ad-container, .akwa-ad-container__us-ad, .teaser_hbs, .teaser_deal_des_tages, div#mitte > div:nth-of-type(1) > img, div#mitte + div > img, div#container_content > div:nth-of-type(1) > div > img
  - type: css-display-none

Block first-party analytics by Webtrekk

- trigger:
  - if-domain: heise.de, www.heise.de
  - url-filter: www.heise.de/js/ho/webtrekk-v4.4.1-bundle-heise-2017-09-15.js
  - load-type: first-party
- action:
  - type: block


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