No DEAL! Interactive Advertising Bureau

The IBA wants to make a DEAL that puts people at risk on the Web by turning off their content blockers.

Dear Interactive Advertising Bureau,

Your DEAL is toxic for human rights. You urge sites to coerce us to stop protecting ourselves from web malware. This leaves us open to malicious ads and to the violation of our privacy through behavioural tracking.

While others like Alexander Hanff are doing valuable work to determine the legality of the actions of your members (see his recent letter to IDG), we are going the technological route: we will actively protect people from your attempts to detect and block their ability to defend themselves against web malware and tracking.

So our response, quite simply, is this:

You have no DEAL!

About IAB

The “trade association for interactive marketing in the U.S.” – Source

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Better is a Safari content blocker for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It protects you from trackers and malvertising by enforcing the principles of Ethical Design.

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