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Protect yourself.

Better is a privacy tool for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It protects you from behavioural ads and companies that track you on the web by enforcing the principles of Ethical Design. You can download the Better apps from the App Store and Mac App Store.

We work for you, not for the advertising industry. We built Better because we’re tired of the deceptive practices of other “ad blockers” like AdBlock Plus (ABP) and Ghostery. Ghostery tells you they protect you from advertising and yet they get paid by the advertising industry. ABP has an “acceptable ads” policy that whitelists ads from the biggest trackers (like Google) in exchange for meeting some superficial criteria and lots of money. In contrast, we make money directly from sales of Better. You pay for Better and you’re our customer. It’s an honest and straightforward exchange.

To find out more about how Better differs from other blockers, please read our introductory blog post.

Respectful Ads Manifesto

The only ads we do not block are respectful ads.

Respectful ads respect human rights, human effort, and human experience.

This is our only blocking criteria, advertisers cannot pay us to compromise our integrity and unblock them.

For an example of respectful ads, see The Deck network, winner of our first Cloud of Fame award.

Save your battery, data, and time.

  • 27% Safer

    95,139 requests blocked

  • 12% Lighter

    737.99 MB saved

  • 14% Faster

    3.78 hours saved

Summary of site performance statistics (before & after Better)

Requests: 358,099 requests 262,960 requests 27%
Weight: 6.22 GB 5.5 GB 12%
Speed: 1.1 days 22.68 hours 14%

(Statistics by Better Inspector reflect the approximate aggregate effect Better has on a single load of the 5,000 most popular web sites.)


Better is curated by, a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise striving for social justice in the digital age.

Better is free as in freedom, transparent, and open.

To support us, please consider purchasing Better on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. You can also become a patron or make a one-time donation to our cause.

Laura, Oskar the dog & Aral

Thank you for helping us make the web better.