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United States

Honest privacy 5 stars

by Teepareep - Jun 3, 2016

Thanks for defending the public against surveillance capitalism!

I'm loving this 5 stars

by ZilOh - Jun 4, 2016

I snapped this up after reading the open letter to Wired (such a pet peeve) but I stayed for the awesome. 😎

Better is better 5 stars

by Anonymous1144 - Jun 5, 2016

Fantastic blocker with a rational, ethical approach to privacy and monetization in this digital age.

Opinionated compromise 5 stars

by - Jun 5, 2016

This is the ad and tracker blocker for people who accept advertising as a valid monetization method as long as it does not require surrendering your privacy. The ad blocker blocker feature is also ace.

This app is great!!! 5 stars

by GoonLife - Jun 19, 2016

Does exactly what it advertises, constantly updated, and I really support the mission of this company. I urge you to check out their website, spend the $4.99, and stop being penalized for refusing to let 3rd party advertisers invade your privacy!

Quality app supporting a clear mission 5 stars

by The 4-states - Oct 6, 2016

This app and the developers behind it have a clear message and vision for what the app should achieve. They do a great job of not only updating the app, but also providing the what and why behind the changes. Enjoy a great experience!

A better, quicker, safer web experience 5 stars

by @kimahlberg - Dec 12, 2016

Better protects you from malicious ads and web content to provide a much safer, not to mention quicker, web experience. The peace of mind makes the web a much better experience.

Ethically beautiful design 5 stars

by aarontyree - Jan 11, 2017

Browsing is faster, less of your browsing data is tracked. Its rare to find software that is well designed both functionally, and ethically. Small, focused design team as well. Buying this not only benefits you, it actively supports the ethos of internet privacy.

Best blocker I've tried yet 5 stars

by bydlemor - Jan 26, 2017

Clear and straight forward business model plus actually works. Feel safe blocking trackers and knowing the developers won't sell you out. Can't beat that. Spend the $5 you won't regret it.

Provides great comfort knowing Better helps protect against Big Data 5 stars

by Arnold Ziffel - Jan 26, 2017

I just recently came across the site of the creators of Better and was happy to learn there are people making us aware of the dangers of being farmed by FaceBook, Google, and the like. To top it off, they've created a content blocker that protects me from the perils of Big Data. I've been using Better for about a week. It works well and shields me from the Borg.

Very straightforward 5 stars

by Incongru - Jan 19, 2017

Found this a bit perplexing first time I used it. The way you access it is through the icon on the status bar at the TOP of your screen ( Imac, MacOS 10.12.2) You won’t get far if you look for tutorials, etc online either. Just try searching for “better tutorial” and see how many hits irrelevant hits you get. So, perhaps not the best choice of name. But the reality is this is a very elegantly designed app which should require little day-to day user input in any case. Since installing this app on Safari I have noticed a remarkable reduction in the number of tracking apps. Recommended.

Fantastic 5 stars

by Basefour - Feb 21, 2017

The best adblocker I have tried.

It blocks and so much more 5 stars

by Mezito - Apr 7, 2017

This is not your run-of-the-mill adblocker. It does everything the big name adblockers do but personalized. They care about the overall user experience and will work behind-the-scenes if a webpage doesn’t display correctly. Don’t believe me - send them an email and within 24 hours they will send back a thoughtful response that is not auto-generated. However the real reason you should support this app is because they are committed to privacy and believe it is a human right to not be tracked and catalogued by big corportations. With folks like these working and developing for us, we gotta support them! Love you guys over at!

Works Extremely Well 5 stars

by NJKnight – Jul 27, 2017

I know they aren’t going to sell my blocked content data to another surveillance capitalist.

Found app via their superior website 5 stars

by Frustratemate – Jul 29, 2017

I found this app via searching for info on a track that was revealed from another blocking app I use w/ Seamonkey. The other blocking app needs me to pick and chose what to accept, it can be annoying. I'd kept Safari block free to use as a lazy alternative. Now I've got Better protecting my Safari experience. I really appreciate values of transparency and an ethical web. Their website is very helpful and informative, a great resource. Downloaded their app this morning and it's been seamless function. Long live a calm web, a Better web.


Privacy and security in a user friendly package. 5 stars

by Sam Feyaerts - Jun 5, 2016

It's good to see such nice people stand up to tracking and malvertising. This app does everything it promises to do and sets a new gold standard in content blockers. Spend a few bucks to take back the web from disrespectful business models. You won't regret it.


Marche du tonnerre 5 stars

by Mr_Max19 - Jun 8, 2016

Cet outil est complémentaire un Adblocker. Vous pouvez d'ailleurs cumuler les deux. La vitesse de navigation est alors décuplée et beaucoup plus agréable. Félicitations.

Excellent filtrage 5 stars

by Hagridor - Jun 3, 2016

Excellent travail de la part d’aral et Laura. Fonctionne parfaitement et ceci de manière transparente.

Better is the Best! 5 stars

by SkyNebula - Jun 6, 2016

Better is the best app for content & tracker blocking, giving you a greater, faster and safer browsing experience

Works like a charm. 5 stars

by matunixe - Aug 3, 2016

Works perfectly on my iPhone SE 64 Go. Even with the fucking French ads. Open source is a real advantage, keep it this way.


Love the approach 5 stars

by Meister_Eder_ - Jun 3, 2016

Great app! Keep on making great things like this!

Best answer to protect your privacy & mental sanity on the web 5 stars

by b4z1llu5_ - Sep 12, 2016

This piece of software is just THE most essential thing to stay sane on todays world wide web. Things have changed since 1993 and today you need to protect yourself against a lot of websites which try to manipulate you, your machine and our society with ads, malware and tracking all over the place. Don't let that happen to you or your familymembers. This will be the best € you ever spent on your iOS device. TL; DR Best answer to protect your privacy & mental sanity on the web

Ein Blocker, wie er sein soll 5 stars

by RomanKoellges - Jun 5, 2016

Ich habe kein Problem mit Werbung, nur mit Tracking und Verhaltensanalyse. In dem Sinne löst er als einziger Blocker im App Store mein Problem. Danke, Aral und Laura!

Definitiv einer der besten AdBlocker 5 stars

by Silberfalke - Jun 11, 2016

Bin sehr zufrieden. Die App ist jeden Cent wert.

Geniale App! 5 stars

by MarcelZyb - Jun 15, 2016

Eine sehr guter Tracking Blocker, der stetig erweitert wird und hinter dem ein genialer Gedanke steckt - mit sehr ausführlichen Erläuterungen der schlimmsten Seiten und Tracker. Macht weiter so! 👍🤖

Einer der besten Blocker 5 stars

by msfr@ios - Jul 8, 2016

Das Geld in diese App ist mehr als gut investiert und ihr unterstützt obendrein ein Unterenehmen das zu den “guten” zählt. liegt die Sicherheit und Privatsphäre des Nutzers am Herzen und finanziert sich durch den Verkauf der App und nicht wie viele andere Unternehmen durch höchst fragwürdige Geschäftspraktiken. Die App hilft nicht nur eure Privatsphäre zu schützen sondern erhöht ebenso die Sicherheit beim Surfen im Netz. Ein ganz klare Kaufempfehlung.

super 5 stars

by wmassag - Jul 22, 2016

Vetter erlaubt es Werbung zu filtern, die die Privatsphäre verletzt oder stört und lässt andere Werbung zu, die nützlich ist.

Seit langem zufrieden! 5 stars

by Jumoru - Apr 7, 2017

Better ist sehr einfach zu bedienen, schnell und wird ständig erweitert und verbessert. Der konsequente Fokus auf das Unterbinden von Verhaltensanalyse durch Tracking und die Möglichkeit sich darüber in der App zu informieren machen diese App einzigartig & wichtig. Der einmalige Anschaffungspreis erlaubt es dem Entwicklerteam zudem unabhängig zu bleiben und guten Support anzubieten.

Best Adblocker out there 5 stars

by Daniel_H. - Sep 15, 2016

Unobtrusive. Works fast & reliable. The best: if you report an anti Adblock measure by a website via Twitter it will be really fast countered. :-) In short: go and get it.

Thank you! 5 stars

by wmassag - Sep 22, 2016

I love better, I use it on my phone and I’m very happy to see it on the mac!

Genialer (und unabhängiger!) Blocker! 5 stars

by Jumoru - Sep 24, 2016

Ich kenne Better schon etwas länger von der iOS Version, die App ist sehr einfach & angenehm zu bedienen, schnell, bietet einen sehr guten Support und wir ständig erweitert und verbessert. Zudem ist der konsequente Fokus auf das Unterbinden von Verhaltensanalyse durch Tracking und die Möglichkeit sich darüber in der App informieren zu können einzigartig. Neben dem sofortigen Schutz der Privatsphäre kann man so auch verstehen was im Internet im Hintergrund ansonsten ohne unser Wissen ablaufen würde. Nach den neuerlichen Entwicklungen bei AdBlockPlus bin ich zudem froh, dass auch auf Grund der einmaligen Kosten diese App von unabhängigen Entwicklern betrieben werden kann. In diesem Sinne Danke an Laura und Aral für eine tolle & unabhängige App!

Top! 5 stars

by Herb'ster76 - Sep 27, 2016

Ich bin zufrieden mit Better. Das Geld ist sinnvoll investiert und mich nervt keine Werbung und ganz besonders keine Tracker beim surfen. Ich habe 1Blocker und Better installiert und es läuft.

Einer der besten Blocker 5 stars

by msfr@ios - Dec 6, 2016

Der beste Blocker im Store. Transparent, offen, fair und vertrauenswürdig. Die Blocklisten werden regelmäßig aktualisiert und der Support ist super.

It just works! 5 stars

by doriankianu - Jan 26, 2017

It helps to focus on the important content of websites.

Richtig gemacht 5 stars

by sbuhlert – May 19, 2017

Eine sehr gute technische Umsetzung mit einem nachvollziehbaren – und hoffentlich tragfähigem – Geschäftsmodell. Kein verstecktes Whitelisting. Unbedingt zu empfehlen.


Better! 5 stars

by ACSA_NL - Jun 3, 2016

Wow, really good app.. An Apple app worthy: “It just works!” And now we wait for the Mac App... 😜

Uitstekend 5 stars

by wavetunes - Jun 5, 2016

Wie kan er nu beter iets doen tegen tracking dan Aral Balkan, de voorvechter van privacy en ageerder tegen het idee dat de gebruiker het product is wiens profiel wordt doorverkocht door allerlei gratis apps. Daarom zonder nadenken deze app gekocht en geïnstalleerd op iPad en iPhone. Ik weet me nu beschermd tegen allerlei louche trackers!

Better 5 stars

by jverkleij - Jun 6, 2016

Een content blocker die niet werkt voor advertentiebedrijven, die niet gekocht kan worden, die transparant is in wat hij blokkeert, die zich niet laat omkopen, die opkomt voor je rechten en die de goede alternatieven ondersteunt. Better maakt het internet een stukje beter.

Relief 5 stars

by KlaasjeZevenster - Jun 6, 2016

Nice job! It’s a relief that those sneaky trackers stay away from my device.

Peace of mind. 5 stars

by KlaasjeZevenster - Jul 11, 2016

Thanks to these two brave people who made this app. It gives me at least some peace of mind about the nasty surveillance practises of the big tech companies.

Fantastic 5 stars

by MischaMolhoek - Aug 29, 2016

Great idea. Block them all ;)

Better! 5 stars

by bakman73 - Sep 11, 2016

We live in a weird world where it appears to be normal and acceptable to track every move of everyone. We've become numb to this "standard". Aral and set the standard for privacy ethics and I wholeheartedly support it and this app works perfectly.

Super ! 5 stars

by Snarfy666 - Sep 16, 2016

Fantastic app !! Stops the world from following you so if you take your privacy serious, you should give this app a go ! Love the way the owners/makers think about privacy.

It works 5 stars

by elancross - Nov 19, 2016

It does block unwanted sites. App works smoothly. Let’s take back control !!

Excellent 5 stars

by Harold754 - Jan 22, 2017

An ethically designed app that is not made to sell user privacy, and with buying it you can support a better web!


Most likely the best blocker 5 stars

by Simon324 - Jun 13, 2016

Love the app. Blocks advertisements and privacy trackers without selling your data to ad-networks.

En toute confiance 5 stars

by santiagoLema - Jun 5, 2016

Pour une fois un bloqueur de contenu sans compromis. Dans ce genre d’app l’important est d’avoir confiance en qui le fait et ici pour une fois c’est le cas (les auteurs sont des activistes connus pour défense de la vie privée).


Love 5 stars

by thejavu - Jun 3, 2016

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Güzel 5 stars

by reiis25 - Jul 19, 2016

Parasını hak ediyor

Amazing! 5 stars

by cilginmert - Jan 27, 2017

I feel much safer when browsing on safari with better. I wish it was possible for it to protect me on other apps too.

United Kingdom

Make it better 5 stars

by wwfsmd? - Jun 3, 2016

I’m more than happy to support Laura & Aral. Keep those frackers off your back and support a free and open web. (“trackers” autocorrected to “frackers”. Nice one autocorrect.)

Makes the web Better. 5 stars

by the_modest_mouse - Jun 5, 2016

Thanks for such an incredibly simple app to make the web just that bit better!

Just what the web needs 5 stars

by dr.megalomaniac - Jun 5, 2016

I could not agree more with the intention of the developers in creating this. The app itself works as advertised so far, and should only get better over time.

Huskies - what's not to like? 5 stars

by DunsfordMage - Jun 5, 2016

Been using Crystal but switching to this after a recommendation and the Open Letter to Wired.

Great little content blocker. 5 stars

by welly008 - Jun 6, 2016

Works really well and a delightful onboarding experience I hope this app is the start of a suite of apps such as VPN, messaging and maybe even a TOR style browser. Keep it up.

I’d like to know a little more about the database you use and how you plan to maintain this as this is the heart of the app itself.

I am hoping iOS X allows 3rd party browsers such as Firefox to take advantage of content blockers

Outstanding 5 stars

by RWRL72 - Jun 11, 2016

Straightforward and effective

Instantly purchased: I can see the ads from the Deck! 5 stars

by Thibault: “Cut!”✂️ - Sep 22, 2016

Better is a very well done intrusive web scripts blocker. They can be ads, trackers, spammers, etc. Their ethical philosophy sound robust and make a lot of sense. The install is flawless and it let get through reasonable ads like The Deck. I've bought Better because I've been very annoyed by the new practices of u-block, Adblock and Ghostery. Next step: how to block when you click on a link in Facebook (de facto the biggest browser)?

Purchased. Installed. That’s better. 5 stars

by @reyes - Sep 23, 2016

Looking for a content blocker, no more, no less. This app scratches that pesky itch.

Speed and privacy 5 stars

by clagnut - Nov 18, 2016

Easy to install and does exactly what it’s supposed to: frees your browsing of megabytes of privacy-invading tracking. Even if you don’t mind unknown third parties building up and selling profiles of your browsing behaviour (and everything that can be inferred form it), the speed increases of both download and rendering by removing those trackers really surprised me. It’s simply made browsing the web far quicker and is worth the money for that alone. Installing Better did mean switching from Chrome to Safari for my general web use, but there’s no huge difference really (apart from Safari doesn’t track you like Google’s Chrome does of course).

An excellent blocker 5 stars

by Latentexistence - May 12, 2017

Well worth the price.


Fantastic blocker 5 stars

by Yovko Lambrev - Jun 7, 2016

This is definitely the best iOS app for ads, content & tracker blocking!

Определено най-добрият iOS блокър за реклами, проследяващи/профилиращи скриптове и нежелано съдържание!


Reclaim your privacy 5 stars

by Jozef Izso - Sep 10, 2016

Keeps your information private, pages are not so huge anymore and load much quicker. I love this blocker just works.


We need more of this 5 stars

by mugaidavid - Jan 27, 2017

It not only works; it also informs and it is ethical. Thank you


Great 5 stars

by Gabbahhh - Jun 13, 2016

Fast and perfect ad blocker. Simple as that

Great app 5 stars

by Justin Nel - Aug 13, 2016

Does exactly as described, works it’s magic in the background whilst I’m browsing the web. It’s a shame that I require such an app, but I’m glad that it exists!


Awesome App!!! 5 stars

by Anand3692 - Jun 18, 2016

The app does what is says! Cheers Dev!


Better web 5 stars

by RoopeK - Aug 2, 2016

Fixes so many sites without you even noticing it. Especially valuable with mobile browser because you will get into the content immediately. Thank you!


Fantastic approach 5 stars

by ajmaus - Sep 24, 2016

A fantastic approach to ad blocking & preservation of user privacy, & no more pop-ups preventing content access. Thank you


Great blocker 5 stars

by Swagmoen - Jan 14, 2017

It is wonderful to be able to use my phone without my information being tracked by advertisers. I do not see as many ads anymore, my phone runs much faster, and I am consuming less data than I was before. Thank you!


Well intended and effective 5 stars

by elmimmo - Jan 26, 2017

Noticeably accelerates page rendering and hopefully stops third parties that try to profile me. The particular ads it lets through, I have no issue against.

Genial 5 stars

by Joseluis3858 - Apr 5, 2017

Hace lo que dice. Navega sin publicidad. Funciona igual de bien que en Mac

Gran aplicacion, mejor pensamiento 5 stars

by JosepFGR - Mar 5, 2017

Una realizacion perfecta de lo que el usuario pide y la descripcion de la apicacion ofrece. Ya uso la extension gratuita para Safarai, pero creo conveninete que tiene que ser remunerado y llegar a mas publico y por ese motivo he adquirido la app, para ayudar y porque seguro que en un futuro el equipo de desarrollo incrementa las habilidades de la app respecto la extension. Muchas gracias Better y animo a toda la gente a dar el paso.

South Africa

Use it and see how your browsing changes 5 stars

by PJC15SA - Jan 31, 2017

I’d followed Aral for a while before finally installing the app, trying to understand the concept of ethical design coming from a non-IT field. The tall and short of it is: considering how vastly different my browsing experience is now on my iPhone I shudder to think of how much data has been gathered about me. Also, pages load significantly faster now. All in all it's a great app. You don't need to understand it, you just need to download it and run it.


Muito bom! 5 stars

by Calhau - May 7, 2017

Melhor do que as uBlock Origin! Recomendo!


Excellent app 5 stars

by andrenb – Jun 2, 2017

Does exactly what it says in the description, works really well. Best ad & tracking blocker-type app I've used on the appstore!