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Easy and safe protection from a non-profit 5 stars

by Jim Grisham – Apr 27, 2021

Created by two individuals, this content blocker for Safari on iOS isn’t influenced by any mega-corporations or ad-tech interests. Save battery life and data costs while enjoying less monitoring.

Your settings are synced through iCloud to your other devices, and Apple prevents the developers from accessing any of your personal data or web browser history.

(The developers release over-the-air updates to the blocking rules frequently - you’ll rarely have to update the app itself.)

If you have an issue with this disabling all or part of a particular site, you can report it to them to help others, or immediately whitelist it yourself with just a few clicks.

Highly recommended. For Safari on iPhones and iPads only. (They also have a version for macOS Safari, for separate purchase, on that app store.)

This supports “Family Sharing”, but if you’re happy with it I’m sure their non-profit accepts donations. 😊

[Disclaimer: I don’t know the developers; I’m just a happy paying customer from the ‘other side of the pond’]

Important software backed by sound ethics 5 stars

by Mattalogue – Mar 24, 2021

Does what it says on the tin, and does it well. It’s a shame this kind of software is necessary, but I’m immensely grateful that Small Technology has built this.

Best Blocker Out There 5 stars

by DoxyDad1977 – Jan 22, 2020

I've tried several content blockers before and many of them broke websites or would lead to the website blocking me when I went to the site. Not so with Better Bocker! It blocks most annoying ads and works with most sites. It's a smooth, frustration-free experience that I have recommended to several friends.

So good and totally seamless 5 stars

by fundotcom - Dec 25, 2020

I browse the web with better privacy and fewer trackers stalking me thanks to this beautiful Better blocker. Thanks for maintaining this awesome privacy tool!

works flawlessly! 5 stars

by LAKERS_NEVERDIE – Jul 30, 2020

One of the best trackers/ad blockers out there on the mac store. A blocker that doesn't need to access website data! User privacy in mind here! will be switching, and using this app on my iphone.

Everything feels faster quicker & Better with Better. 5 stars

by prk60091 – Jul 13, 2020

I was a long time user of another ad blocker. I updated to their new complex system of multiple blockers and never thought much more about it. Last night I saw something about better. I dove right in. Bought Better for both my iPhone and MacBook deleted the other off of my devices. Everything feels faster quicker & Better with Better.

Excellent! 5 stars

by stormi83 – Dec 2, 2018

Works great and really does speed up page loads. Tested with EFF's Panopticlick privacy checking tool and the difference was very clear. Thanks for a great product!

Superb Blocker 5 stars

by Snivram – Nov 29, 2019

Simply excellent. Have been using for over a month and am very happy with how it performs. Simple, effective, solid. Developer is available and responsive. Highly recommend.

Simple app that does big things. 5 stars

by Nichod – Oct 31, 2018

Privacy matters. If you are searching for a funeral home after a loss in your you then want advertisers to serve up Ads of funeral homes for weeks afterwards? That would be a painful thing to experience. That’s a harsh, but true example of what Better helps prevent. What you share with websites should be decided by you, and not tracked at all times. The Better app and the team involved are valiantly fighting to protect the privacy of everyone. Better does its job well.

Works Very Well 5 stars

by Love You Too, Sidney – Oct 8, 2019

Simple: set it and then never think about it. After about a year I’ve yet to see an ad or have them follow me around. Thanks for your good work

Replacing Ublock origin with Better Blocker 5 stars

by rb__ – Oct 8, 2018

Easy to use interface, effective blocking, well integrated to Safari and seems to have updated data from ADs networks.

Pretty good website support, nice “voice and tone”.

Great job Laura and Aral.

It just works 5 stars

by brett 980532 – Sep 2, 2018

Exactly what an ad blocker should be.

Fights the tracking - can’t hurt 5 stars

by Trond – Feb 8, 2018

I decided to try Better Blocker after reading about it on the Guardian news site. It is 100% more effective than the Preference setting for “ask websites not to track me.” Well worth the money if you are at all concerned about corporate and government tracking of your Internet activity.

This one actually works 5 stars

by Sushi Mad – Dec 29, 2017

The first one I tried seemed to be the favorite of the App Store. Yet it didn’t block the most obnoxious ads that hijack your phone. The “free iPhone” full screen type. So far, I have yet to see one with this blocker.

Works great 5 stars

by joshvickerson – Oct 18, 2017

Better is super easy to use, and offers a lot of insight to online privacy if you don’t know much about the issue. Websites definitely load faster while using it, and the peace of mind that I won’t be tracked everywhere is really nice.

If you want more privacy online, Better is a must-have!

Best ad blocker done by Ethical People 5 stars

by Élias de Kelliwic’h – Oct 18, 2017

This is the best ad blocker you can get. The people doing that Apps are renowned for protecting and caring about privacy. Can’t go wrong.

On the other side, some famous ad blockers are owned by ad companies, so think twice...

Best Blocker in Apple Store 5 stars

by J29.sp – Oct 12, 2017

The best blocker of anything for Safari for the IPhone and apple products. If you haven’t tried, you’re missing out. Super lightweight and high performance

Found app via their superior website 5 stars

by idonthaveanickname2000 – Jul 29, 2017

I found this app via searching for info on a track that was revealed from another blocking app I use w/ Seamonkey. The other blocking app needs me to pick and chose what to accept, it can be annoying. I'd kept Safari block free to use as a lazy alternative. Now I've got Better protecting my Safari experience.

I really appreciate values of transparency and an ethical web. Their website is very helpful and informative, a great resource. Downloaded their app this morning and it's been seamless function. Long live a calm web, a Better web.

Works Extremely Well 5 stars

by NJKnight – Jul 27, 2017

I know they aren't going to sell my blocked content data to another surveillance capitalist.

Best content blocker for privacy and speed 5 stars

by Funkmaster356795790 – Jul 5, 2018

Of all the content blockers out there claiming to increase browsing speed by 4x or so, this is the only one I’ve found that delivers. It is also a rarity to run into a site that is broken while using this, which is something I cannot say about blockers that try to do more than just protect my privacy. Love it!

Better = Best 5 stars

by J29fff – Apr 30, 2018

The best safari extension available on the App Store for IOS devices. Tried all the others: 1Blocker, 1Blocker X, Wipr, Adblock, etc. This is the best for tracker free browsing & speedy through all sites

Far superior than other tracking cookie blockers, worth the $4.99 5 stars

by Tracker Hater – Apr 18, 2017

So glad they have a mac version. I bought within 10 minutes of finding out. I have the iPad verson and am so happy the Better team is keeping the tracking filth and scum off my devices. I had tried blocking these tracking cookies with with firewalls and cookie blockers for years. Finally there is an app that is doing the heavy lifting. Thank you.

It just works! 5 stars

by brett 980532 – Sep 2, 2018

Exactly what an ad blocker should be.

Found app via their superior website 5 stars

by Frustratemate – Jul 29, 2017

I found this app via searching for info on a track that was revealed from another blocking app I use w/ Seamonkey. The other blocking app needs me to pick and chose what to accept, it can be annoying. I'd kept Safari block free to use as a lazy alternative. Now I've got Better protecting my Safari experience. I really appreciate values of transparency and an ethical web. Their website is very helpful and informative, a great resource. Downloaded their app this morning and it's been seamless function. Long live a calm web, a Better web.

Works Extremely Well 5 stars

by NJKnight – Jul 27, 2017

I know they aren’t going to sell my blocked content data to another surveillance capitalist.

Quality app supporting a clear mission 5 stars

by The 4-states - Oct 6, 2016

This app and the developers behind it have a clear message and vision for what the app should achieve. They do a great job of not only updating the app, but also providing the what and why behind the changes. Enjoy a great experience!

Honest privacy 5 stars

by Teepareep - Jun 3, 2016

Thanks for defending the public against surveillance capitalism!

I'm loving this 5 stars

by ZilOh - Jun 4, 2016

I snapped this up after reading the open letter to Wired (such a pet peeve) but I stayed for the awesome. 😎

Better is better 5 stars

by Anonymous1144 - Jun 5, 2016

Fantastic blocker with a rational, ethical approach to privacy and monetization in this digital age.

Opinionated compromise 5 stars

by - Jun 5, 2016

This is the ad and tracker blocker for people who accept advertising as a valid monetization method as long as it does not require surrendering your privacy. The ad blocker blocker feature is also ace.

This app is great!!! 5 stars

by GoonLife - Jun 19, 2016

Does exactly what it advertises, constantly updated, and I really support the mission of this company. I urge you to check out their website, spend the $4.99, and stop being penalized for refusing to let 3rd party advertisers invade your privacy!

It blocks and so much more 5 stars

by Mezito - Apr 7, 2017

This is not your run-of-the-mill adblocker. It does everything the big name adblockers do but personalized. They care about the overall user experience and will work behind-the-scenes if a webpage doesn’t display correctly. Don’t believe me - send them an email and within 24 hours they will send back a thoughtful response that is not auto-generated. However the real reason you should support this app is because they are committed to privacy and believe it is a human right to not be tracked and catalogued by big corportations. With folks like these working and developing for us, we gotta support them! Love you guys over at!

Fantastic 5 stars

by Basefour - Feb 21, 2017

The best adblocker I have tried.

Provides great comfort knowing Better helps protect against Big Data 5 stars

by Arnold Ziffel - Jan 26, 2017

I just recently came across the site of the creators of Better and was happy to learn there are people making us aware of the dangers of being farmed by FaceBook, Google, and the like. To top it off, they've created a content blocker that protects me from the perils of Big Data. I've been using Better for about a week. It works well and shields me from the Borg.

Best blocker I've tried yet 5 stars

by bydlemor - Jan 26, 2017

Clear and straight forward business model plus actually works. Feel safe blocking trackers and knowing the developers won't sell you out. Can't beat that. Spend the $5 you won't regret it.

Very straightforward 5 stars

by Incongru - Jan 19, 2017

Found this a bit perplexing first time I used it. The way you access it is through the icon on the status bar at the TOP of your screen ( Imac, MacOS 10.12.2) You won’t get far if you look for tutorials, etc online either. Just try searching for “better tutorial” and see how many hits irrelevant hits you get. So, perhaps not the best choice of name. But the reality is this is a very elegantly designed app which should require little day-to day user input in any case. Since installing this app on Safari I have noticed a remarkable reduction in the number of tracking apps. Recommended.

Ethically beautiful design 5 stars

by aarontyree - Jan 11, 2017

Browsing is faster, less of your browsing data is tracked. Its rare to find software that is well designed both functionally, and ethically. Small, focused design team as well. Buying this not only benefits you, it actively supports the ethos of internet privacy.

A better, quicker, safer web experience 5 stars

by @kimahlberg - Dec 12, 2016

Better protects you from malicious ads and web content to provide a much safer, not to mention quicker, web experience. The peace of mind makes the web a much better experience.


Essential app. 5 stars

by HansVerhaegen – May 21, 2021

My 11 year old mac crashed. It needed a new HD. IT’s running again now and ready to be used another 5 year. I had to reïnstall and reconfigure everything. The first thing I reïnstalled was Better! I feel so much better! :) Thank you for making this. A happy browser!

Exactly what we need! 5 stars

by Dirk Dewit – Jan 22, 2020

Thank you for this great privacy-tool! Making the web safer and better 😉!

Must download app. 5 stars

by Arnout Sabbe – Nov 23, 2018

I'm a big fan of's work, aiming to make the world more aware of the ethics of the digital.

Must. 5 stars

by Dirk Dewit – Mar 6, 2018

Must have voor iedereen die een beetje inzit met zijn privacy. Daarbovenop is het ook nog eens een goeie ad-blocker. Zijn geld meer dan waard.

Privacy and security in a user friendly package. 5 stars

by Sam Feyaerts - Jun 5, 2016

It's good to see such nice people stand up to tracking and malvertising. This app does everything it promises to do and sets a new gold standard in content blockers. Spend a few bucks to take back the web from disrespectful business models. You won't regret it.


An excellent blocker 5 stars

by dingwah – Mar 24, 2021

I love this app, I use it on IOS and MacOS and it works like a charm. The beauty is that it is so simple to implement. You just set it and forget it. Thanks for making this.

Ouf !!! 5 stars

by Cmgt – Jan 31, 2021

Cela fait des mois (années) que je me bats avec les fenetres intempestives. Mackeeper and co ... J'ai téléchargé better blocker sur les conseils d'un développeur sur un forum apres de longues analyses entre tous les blockers. Celui ci marche et je vous invite à vous renseigner sur Laura Kalbag, Aral Balkan. Merci à eux pour leur état d'esprit et la qualité de leur démarche.

amazing blocker! 5 stars

by mlelao – Jan 27, 2020

I've been brought to Better Blocker thanks to a nice article published by The Guardian.

After reading extensively about Aral's and Laura's work, I've been convinced to install their blocker on both my computer and my phone.

As of now, I'm waiting for the complete transfer from Article 12 to Small Technology Foundation to be able to pay for their tremedous work and the wonderful spirit that governs it.

Awesome 💜 5 stars

by Jean-Luc C. – Jan 22, 2020

Work like a charm, super fast and effective! (On both ios and macos)

Thanks to these 2 amazing persons for their work!

Bon bloqueur 5 stars

by Hagridor – Nov 28, 2018

Fonctionne bien et bloque bien les trackers. Je conseil

Extra 5 stars

by dentaoman – Nov 6, 2018

Simple et fonctionnel.. Que demander de plus!!!

Très bon blocker de trackers 5 stars

by Hagridor – May 21, 2018

Fait parfaitement son job. Les règles sont régulièrement mises à jour. Le travail du développeur autours de La Défense des droits est à saluer.

Works like a charm. 5 stars

by matunixe - Aug 3, 2016

Works perfectly on my iPhone SE 64 Go. Even with the fucking French ads. Open source is a real advantage, keep it this way.

Marche du tonnerre 5 stars

by Mr_Max19 - Jun 8, 2016

Cet outil est complémentaire un Adblocker. Vous pouvez d'ailleurs cumuler les deux. La vitesse de navigation est alors décuplée et beaucoup plus agréable. Félicitations.

Better is the Best! 5 stars

by SkyNebula - Jun 6, 2016

Better is the best app for content & tracker blocking, giving you a greater, faster and safer browsing experience

Excellent filtrage 5 stars

by Hagridor - Jun 3, 2016

Excellent travail de la part d’aral et Laura. Fonctionne parfaitement et ceci de manière transparente.


Top Ad-Blocker - weiter so! 5 stars

by Naiice – Mar 24, 2021

(Deutsch below) Better Blocker does it what it says: "We protect you from behavioural ads and companies that track and profile you on the web." Everything works like charm, and the two individuals developing AND maintaining that piece of software are charming as well. ### DEUTSCH ### Better Blocker hält, was es verspricht: "Wir schützen Sie vor verhaltensorientierter Werbung und Unternehmen, die Sie im Web verfolgen und Verhaltensprofile erstellen." Alles funktioniert hervorragend, und die beiden Personen, die dieses Stück Software entwickeln UND warten, sind ebenfalls toll! Liebe Grüße aus Berlin :) *naii*

One of the best!!! 5 stars

by French Amelie – Mar 24, 2021

Better Blocker is easily one of the best blockers on the AppStore. I‘ve been using it for years on iOS und macOS. I really appreciate the thinking behind it regarding Ethical Design. Made by Laura and Aral of the Small Technology Foundation, whom I admire for their constant efforts in making the world a better place. <3

Super Safari Erweiterung 5 stars

by oww – Edited Jan 26, 2021

Super Erweiterung für Safari. Läuft bei mir auf jedem Apple Mac und iPhone. Einfach zu bedienen, vertrauensvoll und schnell.

Fast perfekt 5 stars

by royalbaer – Dec 16, 2020

Hallo, ich als Sysadmin glaube kann beurteilen wenn ein Produkt was taugt. Bis auf wenige Dinge bin ich rundum zufrieden. Ich hoff ihr bleibt am Ball :-) Die Kunst ein Tool dieser Art zu schaffen ist eben nicht nur das Filtering sondern auch eine stabile Performance und wenig Probleme auf den Webseiten zu schaffen. Better Blocker ist hier nahezu perfekt. Weiter so! Nutze die App auch schon eine Weile auf iOS und iPadOS ...

Fast perfekt 5 stars

by royalbaer – Dec 16, 2020

Hallo, ich als Sysadmin glaube kann beurteilen wenn ein Produkt was taugt. Bis auf wenige Dinge bin ich rundum zufrieden. Ich hoff ihr bleibt am Ball :-) Die Kunst ein Tool dieser Art zu schaffen ist eben nicht nur das Filtering sondern auch eine stabile Performance und wenig Probleme auf den Webseiten zu schaffen. Better Blocker ist hier nahezu perfekt. Weiter so! Nutze die App auch schon eine Weile auf iOS und iPadOS ...

Nie wieder Werbun 5 stars

by Philsituation – Nov 24, 2020

Mich hat schon immer übelst genervt, das überall tausend wede Add aufpoppen. Nun verschwende ich nicht mehr teure Zeit in meinem Leben, mit irgendwelche Werbung. Hab mal geschaut aber jedes zweite video hat mir 10 Sekunden gekostet, die ich in was anderes investiert hätte können. Mein Tipp, 2,99€ ist das wenigste was man ausgeben könnte. Mein Winterjacke hat das 200fache gekostet.

Great App🙌 5 stars

by ibr@ – Jun 28, 2020

Highly recommended 👊

Sehr zufrieden! 5 stars

by Keksduebel – May 3, 2020

Habe schon viele AdBlocker ausprobiert, aber dieser hier ist mit Abstand der Beste! Seiten laden schnell und zuverlässig im Vergleich zu anderen Blockern im App Store. Einen großen Dank an die Entwickler, die damit den großen Konzernen und ihrer Datensammelwut entgegensetzen.

Tracker haben keine Chance 5 stars

by FormatML – Mar 25, 2020

Blockt zuverlässig Tracker und einige Ads auf Webseiten ✅ Ich fände es noch ganz gut, wenn die Cookie-Hinweise unterdrückt werden 😊

Betterblocker 5 stars

by charly751 – Mar 17, 2020

Betterblocker zählt zu den besten Content Blocker auf dem Markt. Ich habe alle ausprobiert. Es gibt keinen besseren im Moment, der nicht erkannt wird. Wer unbedingt YouTube ohne Werbung nutzen will, muss ein Browser nehmen mit Adblocker oder wie sie heißen. Die Entwickler haben verstanden wie Safari Content Blocking funktioniert. Zusammen mit Suchmaschinen. Was muß auch verstehen wie Safari Blocking arbeitet. Grüße

Excellent! 5 stars

by Ale9149 – Mar 10, 2020

Great job guys! The app is easy to use and the speed of my browser increased as soon as I started to use Better. I would suggest to add a monthly or weekly report of the site blocked for curious people like me :) Hug the dog!

Cooler Blocker 5 stars

by °Apple° – Feb 1, 2020

Sehr guter Blocker.Benutze das Tool auch auf dem Macbook Pro und bin damit super zufrieden 😃👍Weiter so und NIE Gedanken an ein Abo Model bekommen 😉 Weiter so

Der beste Blocker! 5 stars

by elblandknipser – Jan 22, 2020

Dieser Blocker ist jeden Cent wert! Laura und Aral machen einen guten Job bei den Filtern und ich hatte bisher noch nie Probleme.

Geniale App! 5 stars

by MarcelZyb – Jan 22, 2020

Eine sehr guter Tracking Blocker, der stetig erweitert wird und hinter dem ein genialer Gedanke steckt - mit sehr ausführlichen Erläuterungen der schlimmsten Seiten und Tracker. Macht weiter so! 👍🤖

Unsichtbarer Helfer und Freund! 5 stars

by Luka_Bencho – Jan 21, 2020

Ich nutze Better Blocker auf dem iPad, iPhone und MacBook Pro.

Ich habe lange nach solch einem Blocker gesucht und ihn nur durch Zufall gefunden, weil ein Bekannter ihn mir empfohlen hat. Ich möchte diesen Blocker nicht mehr missen!

Dieser Blocker ist eine klare Kaufempfehlung!!!

Fantastische App 5 stars

by Timo.Beil – Jan 15, 2020

Macht was es soll ohne auszubremsen

A dream 5 stars

by Guido_qwe – Jan 1, 2020

This app seems to be a dream (its up an running for 10 mins now). I am using it with an ad blocker and the surf experience seems to be much better now. Please keep up the work, that I am very willing to pay such a reasonable price. Thumbs up!

Good Karma 5 stars

by Schlimpf – Dec 24, 2019

I use it on the Mac as well. It is so good! And the developers are good people as well. Use it- it certainly gives good Karma as well...;)

Sehr gut! 5 stars

by §§11 – Dec 10, 2019

Macht das was er soll mit Safari 13.0.3 hervorragend.

Bester Blocker bisher! 5 stars

by qwertzxyz – Nov 22, 2019

Ich habe so einige Blocker ausprobiert, aber dieser funktioniert mit Safari am besten! Klare Kaufempfehlung und 5 Sterne!

Sehr positiv überrascht! 5 stars

by Sitherick – Nov 15, 2019

Nach dem Ausprobieren diverser Adblocking-Lösungen für Safari 13, die einfach schlecht funktionierten, mein Tipp: spart Euch die Suche – nimmt gleich den Better Blocker. Funktioniert super, das UI ist schön zurückhaltend. Bin sehr zufrieden!

Auch am iPhone super und Open source! 5 stars

by Gnaff – Nov 5, 2019

Schon auf dem Mac eine Surf-Bereicherung, beschleunigt Better auf dem Handy Seiten wie oder sehr deutlich! Es sind auch viele Ads nicht mehr zu sehen, allgemein endlich Surfen, wie es (womöglich) sein soll.

Bester Blocker 5 stars

by masyfil – Nov 3, 2019

Über die Sicherheit im Netz machen wir uns viel zu wenig gedanken. Wir werden zum Produkt und unsere Meta-Daten sind für Firmen wie Google und Facebook extrem wichtig. Damit verdienen die ihr Geld. Leistungen wie z.B. Gmail bekommen wir nicht "umsonst". Wer hier nur einen Stern gibt, weil Youtube Werbung trotzdem erscheint, hat leider das Prinzip dieser Anwendung nicht verstanden. Grüße gehen raus an @aral und vielen Dank an alle, die an dem Projekt mitgewirkt haben! <3

An absolute must-have if you value your privacy and sanity 5 stars

by Swedish Guy – Oct 31, 2019

The web is a cesspool of terrible intrusive ads, popups, and invasive privacy-shredding behavior trackers. Better makes it... better (sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry).

Nearly perfect 5 stars

by W Ferox – Oct 26, 2019

The developer is highly responsive and the app is simple to use and works well. The only question I had was the purpose of the app (not extension) it self and Laura replied to my email quickly, letting me know it’s just for updates to the list of blocked ads!

Get it and forget it’s installed and browse faster with more security. I’ve bought it for Macs at home and work and all my iOS devices.

Works great and keeps your privacy 5 stars

by jvdl – Oct 15, 2019

The „normal“ add/tracking blockers out there have full access to the websites, that you go to.

Better Blocker does keep your privacy and therefore is the perfect tool!

Many thanks, and keep on the good work!

-30% Webmüll 5 stars

by oww – Oct 9, 2019

Gut investierte €2,99 im App Store! Filtert auf redaktionellen Webseiten ca. 30% Müll aus Safari. Für alle die gerne im Netz lesen und weniger durchleuchtet werden wollen.

Einfach der Hammer! 5 stars

by Samba222 – Aug 20, 2019

It just works - genau das! Ohne viel Trara eine super Leistung. Bitte verfolgt das Projekt noch lange weiter! Danke Laura und Deinem "Team" :-)

Sehr gut! 5 stars

by bruce.bane – Aug 16, 2019

Ich habe unzählige Blocker ausprobiert und war nie richtig zufrieden. Ich habe innerlich schon fast "aufgegeben". Better Blocker sollte ein letzer Versuch sein und siehe da! Er blockt wirklich sehr sehr gut. Ich sehe beinah gar keine Werbung mehr in Safari! Ich war nur kurz irritiert, dass das App Symbol nicht in der (Safari) Symbolleiste zu sehen war, sondern in der Menüleiste. Aber das ist egal. Es funktioniert! Vielen lieben Dank an die Entwickler ❤️ !!!

Schlank, einfach und funktionell 5 stars

by norbert.s – Jun 13, 2019

Ich habe Ghostery mit Better Blocker ersetzt und bin bisher sehr zufrieden. Schlank, einfach und funktionell. Tut das was es soll und was ich will. Dafür rentiert sich auch der schlanke Preis.

Ist jeden Cent Wert 5 stars

by Azador – Nov 30, 2018

Safari wird nicht mehr gebremst. Werbung wird wirkungsvoll ausgeblendet. Better Blocker lässt sich für einzelne Seiten deaktivieren. Pefrekt, weiter so!

Ein bisschen Geld ausgeben lohnt sich 5 stars

by pastor_fiff – Nov 22, 2018

Ja, auch ich hatte vorher einen kostenlosen Ad-Blocker, aber wirklich zufrieden war ich nicht mit ihm. Safari wurde immer langsamer, und es wurde nicht alle Werbung geblockt. Durch das letzte System-Update war ich gezwungen, nach einem neuen Blocker zu suchen und wurde fündig. Mit Better Blocker läuft Safari wieder schnell und sieht ohne störende Werbung vor allem sauber aus.

Besser als ein Ad Blocker 5 stars

by dkeude – Nov 6, 2018

Better blockt nicht einfach sämtliche Werbung, sondern fungiert wie eine Art Host-Datei, die potenziell nicht korrekten Verbindungen blockiert. Also keine Tracker mehr und damit auch keine Verfolgung im Internet. Durch den Umstand, dass Werbung meist mit solchen Systemen ausgeliefert wird, verschwindet also ein Großteil der Werbung, wohingegen die übrig bleibt, die keine zweifelhaften Verbindungen aufbaut. Faire Werbung, die die Ladezeit nicht beeinflusst und euch nicht ausspioniert, wird also angezeigt, während die andere komplett verschwindet. Better ist somit kein direkter Ad Blocker (der viel CPU und RAM frisst), sondern vielmehr eine Ressourcenschonende (!) Alternative, die unfaire Techniken im Hintergrund blockiert und damit auch jede Menge unerwünschte Werbung entfernt. Da ich Werbeblocker als unfair empfinde, gleichzeitig aber auch nicht okay finde, wie die Werbeindustrie uns ausspioniert, ist das hier die ideale Erweiteurng. Blockt was sie soll und lässt durch, was okay ist. Daumen hoch.

Genial! 5 stars

by TopazeMomo – Nov 13, 2018

Runterladen, aktivieren - fertig. Was für ein Genuß! Kann wieder Spiegel-Online lesen, ohne dass man wahnsinnig wird vor lauter Geflacker und Gezuckel und irgendwelchen Filmchen. Es kommt NUR TEXT!! Kaum zu glauben. Und weeesentlich schneller. Mein altes MacBook Pro kam schon öfters ins Schwitzen, wenn Webseiten völlig mit Werbung überladen sind. Jetzt geht es wieder schwupp-wupp. Geile App!

Endlich! 5 stars

by Deli168 – Oct 25, 2018

Endlich ein Tool welches auch funktioniert (Keine Systemlast, Keine Abstürze), tolle Arbeit..bitte weiter so! Das kleinen Beitrag habe ich gerne gegeben, ich finde solche Personen sollte man einfach unterstützen!

Sehr guter Blocker 5 stars

by Leschy83 – Oct 25, 2018

Auf der Suche nach einem Blocker, der zuverlässig aktuelle Werbung blockt habe ich diverse Blocker, die hier im AppStore verfügbar sind, ausprobiert. Am meisten überzeugt hat mich Better Blocker, da er wirklich ALLES blockt!

Mehr als Preiswert 5 stars

by Generalbrandmeister – Oct 28, 2018

Die Applikation funktioniert sehr gut und hat meinen Adblocker ersetzt - Klasse!

Preis Leistung Top 5 stars

by HabeIchAuch – Oct 9, 2018

Andere saugen gerne am Akku oder sind insgesamt langsam, hier ist alles top. Kleiner Footprint, funktioniert tadellos.

Ich möchte aber gerne das Symbol in der Taskleiste ausschalten, schade dass das nicht geht.

Preiswert, kurz und gut! 5 stars

by Hossmitdemhut – Oct 3, 2018

Macht genau das, was es soll: Kein nervöses Zucken von Werbefilmchen mehr und der eigentliche Text der Internetseite kann ohne Werbung wieder auf Anhieb gefunden werden - auf den meisten meiner besuchten Seiten.

Die Seiten, die Better Blocker nicht blocken soll, kann man mithilfte der Safari-Einstellungen gezielt ausnehmen:

Erst den Better Blocker in den allgemeinen Safari „Einstellungen" unter „Erweiterungen" deaktivieren, dann die Seite aufsuchen, die nicht geblockt werden soll und im Safari-Menü unter "Einstellungen für diese Seite“ dort dann das Inhaltsblocken für genau diese Seite deaktivieren.

Dann zurück in die allgemeinen Einstellungen für ganz Safari und den Better Blocker wieder aktivieren.

Für einen Euro und neun Cent prima.

Bin sehr zufrieden 5 stars

by DerGebbi – Sep 27, 2018

Das Programm tut was es soll und ich erwartet habe. Die geblockten Seiten laden aufgrund der fehlenden Werbung auch schneller. Man kann Seiten festlegen, die nicht geblockt werden sollen.

Einfach genial !! 5 stars

by Grofreuri – Sep 26, 2018

Edlich mal ein Tracker der tut was er soll. Bin bis jetzt Super zufrieden, das Geld ist gut investiert.

S U P E R 5 stars

by iODKoma – Sep 24, 2018

Leider habe ich den Blocker erst entdeckt, nachdem sämtliche Erweiterungen nach dem Update auf Safari 12.0 deaktiviert wurden. Ich wünschte ich hätte vorher schon von diesem kleinen Tool erfahren. Funktioniert einfach! Unsichtbar im Hintergrund, ohne zusätzliche Rechenleistung, absolut vorbildlich. Viel zu bescheiden!

Habe es direkt auch für iOS gekauft.

Gibt uns etwas unserer Privatsphäre zurück. 5 stars

by I'm an  user. – Jan 20, 2018

Die App funktioniert super und blockt aufdringliche Werbung sowie Tracker. Immer wieder erschreckend was das Internet über jemanden weiß oder vorgibt was uns aufgrund von besuchten Seiten interessieren könnte und so auch ein Persönlichkeitsprofil erstellt. “Better“ kämpft für den Nutzer, ist unabhänging und eine gute Erweiterung um gegen den Tracker-Wahn anzukämpfen (habe mich ausführlich über Security-Erweiterung für Safari informiert). Was ist nun anders gegenüber anderen Werbe- und Trackingblocker die zudem vielleicht auch noch kostenlos sind? Traditionell sind Erweiterungen zum Blockieren von Werbung in JavaScript geschrieben. Das Script wird jeweils beim Aufrufen einer Webseite gestartet und entscheidet anhand von vorgegebenen Listen, was von der jeweiligen Webseite geladen wird und was nicht. Das braucht jedoch entsprechend Rechenleistung und Speicher und kann so die Geschwindigkeit verlangsamen und die Batterielaufzeit verringern. Beispiele hierfür sind Adblock, Adblock Plus oder Ghostery. Zudem haben diese Programme die Möglichkeit Informationen und Inhalte über die aufgerufenen Webseiten und vom Anwender eingegebenen Daten wie z.B. persönliche Daten oder Finanzinformationen wie Passwörter, Telefonnummern oder Kreditkarten zu sammeln, was sie aber laut Angaben der Hersteller nicht machen, jedoch besteht trotzdem die Möglichkeit und ist nicht gerade vertrauenserweckend da diese auch noch kostenlos sind. Diese auf JavaScript basierenden Erweiterungen platzieren in der Symbolleiste von Safari jeweils ein eigenes Symbol, über das man die Einstellungen vornimmt. So kann man beispielsweise bestimmte Webseiten von der Blockade ausnehmen. Seit 2015 gibt es in WebKit mit den „WebKit Content Blockers“ eine Schnittstelle, um Webseiteninhalte auf andere Weise zu blockieren. Dabei werden über eine Content Blocker Erweiterung die Blockierregeln an Safari übergeben (dazu verwendet die Erweiterung das Format JSON) und von Safari beim Rendern der Webseiten abgearbeitet. Das geht zum einen schneller und Ressourcen schonender als bei JavaScript, zudem erfährt die Erweiterung auch nichts darüber, welche Seite Safari gerade aufruft und was der Anwender dort macht. Beispiel hierfür ist eben „Better“, dies kann auch in den Safari Einstellungen unter Erweiterungen nachgelesen werden: „Better“ kann keine Inhalte von Webseiten lesen oder übertragen Solche Blocker lassen sich in Safari aber nicht konfigurieren, sondern nur in den Safari-Einstellungen generell ein- oder ausschalten. Nutze ebenfalls die iPhone App!

Thank you 5 stars

by zois zois – Dec 2, 2017

Jep, it works splendidly... love you guys, please keep up the great work. You’re an inspiration. Tack!

Großartig! 5 stars

by lucasherr – Nov 13, 2017

Endlich transparent & authentisch für die Privatsphäre im Internet unterwegs. Danke!

The best tracking blocker 5 stars

by romanserazhiev – Oct 19, 2017

This is the best tracking blocker for iOS and Mac. The DB of the trackers and ad cookies is being updated often.

Unabhängig! 5 stars

by slieser – Oct 18, 2017

Dieser Blocker ist unabhängig von der Werbe- und Trackingindustrie. Dazu funktioniert er noch ohne Mucken. Für mich die beste Blocking App.

Sehr gut! 5 stars

by -Sac- – Aug 11, 2017

Ich habe seit jeher weniger eine Abneigung gegen Werbung als gegen Tracking. Und genau hier setzt Better vom sympathischen auch an! Das dabei das Meiste an hauptsächlich nervtötender Werbung auf der Strecke bleibt ist nur bezeichnend. Ist vielleicht nicht für diejenigen Gedacht die jedes letzte Fitzelchen Werbung wegblocken möchten, aber darum sollte es fairerweise auch gar nicht gehen. Und genau das schätze ich an Better. Kann es sowohl auf macOS als auch auf iOS absolut empfehlen. 💙

Richtig gemacht 5 stars

by sbuhlert – May 19, 2017

Eine sehr gute technische Umsetzung mit einem nachvollziehbaren – und hoffentlich tragfähigem – Geschäftsmodell. Kein verstecktes Whitelisting. Unbedingt zu empfehlen.

Seit langem zufrieden! 5 stars

by Jumoru - Apr 7, 2017

Better ist sehr einfach zu bedienen, schnell und wird ständig erweitert und verbessert. Der konsequente Fokus auf das Unterbinden von Verhaltensanalyse durch Tracking und die Möglichkeit sich darüber in der App zu informieren machen diese App einzigartig & wichtig. Der einmalige Anschaffungspreis erlaubt es dem Entwicklerteam zudem unabhängig zu bleiben und guten Support anzubieten.

It just works! 5 stars

by doriankianu - Jan 26, 2017

It helps to focus on the important content of websites.

Einer der besten Blocker 5 stars

by msfr@ios - Dec 6, 2016

Der beste Blocker im Store. Transparent, offen, fair und vertrauenswürdig. Die Blocklisten werden regelmäßig aktualisiert und der Support ist super.

Top! 5 stars

by Herb'ster76 - Sep 27, 2016

Ich bin zufrieden mit Better. Das Geld ist sinnvoll investiert und mich nervt keine Werbung und ganz besonders keine Tracker beim surfen. Ich habe 1Blocker und Better installiert und es läuft.

Genialer (und unabhängiger!) Blocker! 5 stars

by Jumoru - Sep 24, 2016

Ich kenne Better schon etwas länger von der iOS Version, die App ist sehr einfach & angenehm zu bedienen, schnell, bietet einen sehr guten Support und wir ständig erweitert und verbessert. Zudem ist der konsequente Fokus auf das Unterbinden von Verhaltensanalyse durch Tracking und die Möglichkeit sich darüber in der App informieren zu können einzigartig. Neben dem sofortigen Schutz der Privatsphäre kann man so auch verstehen was im Internet im Hintergrund ansonsten ohne unser Wissen ablaufen würde. Nach den neuerlichen Entwicklungen bei AdBlockPlus bin ich zudem froh, dass auch auf Grund der einmaligen Kosten diese App von unabhängigen Entwicklern betrieben werden kann. In diesem Sinne Danke an Laura und Aral für eine tolle & unabhängige App!

Thank you! 5 stars

by wmassag - Sep 22, 2016

I love better, I use it on my phone and I’m very happy to see it on the mac!

Best Adblocker out there 5 stars

by Daniel_H. - Sep 15, 2016

Unobtrusive. Works fast & reliable. The best: if you report an anti Adblock measure by a website via Twitter it will be really fast countered. :-) In short: go and get it.

Best answer to protect your privacy & mental sanity on the web 5 stars

by b4z1llu5_ - Sep 12, 2016

This piece of software is just THE most essential thing to stay sane on todays world wide web. Things have changed since 1993 and today you need to protect yourself against a lot of websites which try to manipulate you, your machine and our society with ads, malware and tracking all over the place. Don't let that happen to you or your familymembers. This will be the best € you ever spent on your iOS device. TL; DR Best answer to protect your privacy & mental sanity on the web

super 5 stars

by wmassag - Jul 22, 2016

Vetter erlaubt es Werbung zu filtern, die die Privatsphäre verletzt oder stört und lässt andere Werbung zu, die nützlich ist.

Einer der besten Blocker 5 stars

by msfr@ios - Jul 8, 2016

Das Geld in diese App ist mehr als gut investiert und ihr unterstützt obendrein ein Unterenehmen das zu den “guten” zählt. liegt die Sicherheit und Privatsphäre des Nutzers am Herzen und finanziert sich durch den Verkauf der App und nicht wie viele andere Unternehmen durch höchst fragwürdige Geschäftspraktiken. Die App hilft nicht nur eure Privatsphäre zu schützen sondern erhöht ebenso die Sicherheit beim Surfen im Netz. Ein ganz klare Kaufempfehlung.

Geniale App! 5 stars

by MarcelZyb - Jun 15, 2016

Eine sehr guter Tracking Blocker, der stetig erweitert wird und hinter dem ein genialer Gedanke steckt - mit sehr ausführlichen Erläuterungen der schlimmsten Seiten und Tracker. Macht weiter so! 👍🤖

Definitiv einer der besten AdBlocker 5 stars

by Silberfalke - Jun 11, 2016

Bin sehr zufrieden. Die App ist jeden Cent wert.

Ein Blocker, wie er sein soll 5 stars

by RomanKoellges - Jun 5, 2016

Ich habe kein Problem mit Werbung, nur mit Tracking und Verhaltensanalyse. In dem Sinne löst er als einziger Blocker im App Store mein Problem. Danke, Aral und Laura!

Love the approach 5 stars

by Meister_Eder_ - Jun 3, 2016

Great app! Keep on making great things like this!


Beste blocker out there 5 stars

by Apple_TJR – Apr 15, 2021

This is the best blocker out there with a clear structure and story behind it, thanks for all the free updates keeping this a strong product!

Recommended and really worth every penny! 5 stars

by Elborro – Apr 8, 2021

I’ve been using this app for a while to reclaim privacy by filtering trackers and unwanted sites, and it runs so smoothly that you’ll soon forget it’s working hard in the background to protect you.

Very satisfied and I have started to support the developers with monthly donations for a few weeks now. Keep up the good job, Laura and Aral!

3 years and still going strong 5 stars

by jverkleij – Mar 6, 2021

Speed up your browsing with this ethical tracker blocker. Thanks for all the hard work Laura and Aral!

Just Better 5 stars

by treurmars – Mar 24, 2021

Gets out of your way to do its tasks. No tracking, no complex pricing structure, you know what you get and even better to get that from a company you know cares about these kind of things.

More than 5 stars 5 stars

by Montecucco – Jan 20, 2020

Deze blocker blokkeerde op mijn Macbook zelfs de Google ReCaptcha, die alomtegenwoordige spytool van G. Heel goed!

Simply awesome 5 stars

by @ndrek – Oct 31, 2019

Excellent app! Helps making the web a safer place.

Excellent 5 stars

by Joostvdb – Oct 31, 2019

Unobtrusively blocks all kinds of trackers, set and forget. (But first look up who made it, their work is important.)

Je beste bescherming tegen Surveillance Capitalism 5 stars

by catmoos – Oct 6, 2018

Waar je ook gaat op het web, er zijn altijd commerciële partijen die ongemerkt meekijken naar wat je zoal doet. Wat je zoekt, wat je aanklikt, om zo profiel van je op te bouwen.

Deze app beschermt jou tegen het “surveillance capitalism” - bedrijven wiens enige doel is mensen te bespieden om er geld aan te verdienen.

Ik steun de makers van deze app in zijn strijd voor de rechten en vrijheden van burgers in een digitale wereld en tegen de commerciële uitbuiting door de tech- en advertentie bedrijven.

I never open it but it rocks 5 stars

by cmeerbeek – Jul 12, 2018

The one app that I never open, always use and absolutely love! Highly recommended. Less issues with websites breaking than with other content blockers.

Awesome 5 stars

by waXtehnip – Feb 28, 2018

Great app, nice UX, works like a charm. Thanks for making the internet a better place.

Excellent 5 stars

by Harold754 – Sep 19, 2017

An ethically designed app that is not made to sell user privacy, and with buying it you can support a better web!

Excellent 5 stars

by Harold754 - Jan 22, 2017

An ethically designed app that is not made to sell user privacy, and with buying it you can support a better web!

It works 5 stars

by elancross - Nov 19, 2016

It does block unwanted sites. App works smoothly. Let’s take back control !!

Super ! 5 stars

by Snarfy666 - Sep 16, 2016

Fantastic app !! Stops the world from following you so if you take your privacy serious, you should give this app a go ! Love the way the owners/makers think about privacy.

Better! 5 stars

by bakman73 - Sep 11, 2016

We live in a weird world where it appears to be normal and acceptable to track every move of everyone. We've become numb to this "standard". Aral and set the standard for privacy ethics and I wholeheartedly support it and this app works perfectly.

Fantastic 5 stars

by MischaMolhoek - Aug 29, 2016

Great idea. Block them all ;)

Peace of mind. 5 stars

by KlaasjeZevenster - Jul 11, 2016

Thanks to these two brave people who made this app. It gives me at least some peace of mind about the nasty surveillance practises of the big tech companies.

Better 5 stars

by jverkleij - Jun 6, 2016

Een content blocker die niet werkt voor advertentiebedrijven, die niet gekocht kan worden, die transparant is in wat hij blokkeert, die zich niet laat omkopen, die opkomt voor je rechten en die de goede alternatieven ondersteunt. Better maakt het internet een stukje beter.

Relief 5 stars

by KlaasjeZevenster - Jun 6, 2016

Nice job! It’s a relief that those sneaky trackers stay away from my device.

Uitstekend 5 stars

by wavetunes - Jun 5, 2016

Wie kan er nu beter iets doen tegen tracking dan Aral Balkan, de voorvechter van privacy en ageerder tegen het idee dat de gebruiker het product is wiens profiel wordt doorverkocht door allerlei gratis apps. Daarom zonder nadenken deze app gekocht en geïnstalleerd op iPad en iPhone. Ik weet me nu beschermd tegen allerlei louche trackers!

Better! 5 stars

by ACSA_NL - Jun 3, 2016

Wow, really good app.. An Apple app worthy: “It just works!” And now we wait for the Mac App... 😜


Excellent 👌🏽 5 stars

by Manitoo – Oct 20, 2020

Tout simple et pourtant très efficace. Filtre très bien et sans chichi comme font les autres. J’aurais aimé voir ce qui est filtré ou avoir des statistiques d’où 4 étoiles. Sinon on paie une fois et ça j’aime. On peut les soutenir car ils le méritent.👍

Most likely the best blocker 5 stars

by Simon324 - Jun 13, 2016

Love the app. Blocks advertisements and privacy trackers without selling your data to ad-networks.

En toute confiance 5 stars

by santiagoLema - Jun 5, 2016

Pour une fois un bloqueur de contenu sans compromis. Dans ce genre d’app l’important est d’avoir confiance en qui le fait et ici pour une fois c’est le cas (les auteurs sont des activistes connus pour défense de la vie privée).


Takipsiz reklamsız internet 5 stars

by Otutay – Mar 15, 2021

Yıllardır kullanıyorum. Kesinlikle tavsiye ederim. Üstelik 1 paket sigara parası

Temiz 5 stars

by Cengel Kartali – Apr 25, 2018

İnternette sadece istediğin içeriği görmek güzel

Amazing! 5 stars

by cilginmert - Jan 27, 2017

I feel much safer when browsing on safari with better. I wish it was possible for it to protect me on other apps too.

Güzel 5 stars

by reiis25 - Jul 19, 2016

Parasını hak ediyor

Love 5 stars

by thejavu - Jun 3, 2016

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

United Kingdom

Best ad-tech & tracking blocker available 5 stars

by Sideshow_B – Mar 22, 2021

This is by far the best ad & tracker blocker available. You’ll notice the difference immediately. Always being updated. No connections to corporate ad-tech/tracking businesses either. I’ve met the team behind this once or twice at different conferences over the years. They’re lovely people, and fiercely committed to protecting user privacy, democratising web technology and building a fairer world.

A fantastic little app by a fantastic little team! 5 stars

by iDance1CP – Dec 15, 2020

Laura and Aral—the duo behind Small Technology Foundation, and creators of this app—are thought leaders in the privacy and accessibility fields. I wholeheartedly recommend everything and anything they produce, including Better Blocker. You won't be disappointed!

Superb 5 stars

by digitalfx_ – Jan 22, 2020

Better for iOS is by far and away my favourite blocker for mobile devices. Works well and doesn’t have any unnecessary configuration options.

Excellent app 5 stars

by Honeycomb Ice Cream 🐝 – Jan 20, 2020

Thank you Laura and Aral, this excellent app is easy to use (ancient person here!) and it “just works!” The Cloud syncing of the ‘do not block’ list is particularly useful👌

Thanks also for your blog posts explaining the current situation. I’m sorry for Apple’s intransigence and I shall be happy to transfer to your new app when it becomes available.

Best wishes to you both.

Awesome 5 stars

by spdegabrielle – Jan 13, 2020

This is a great blocker. You don’t notice it but it does a good job. Much appreciated and recommended.

Just Works (tm) 5 stars

by ChrisRimmer – Oct 31, 2019

Simple, unobtrusive, effective. No messing about downloading block lists or configuring anything, just install it and tick a box in Safari’s settings. Beautiful, as all software should be.

A blocker I can trust 5 stars

by Tino3000 – Oct 31, 2019

I’ve been using Better for well over a year and it’s quietly done a good job in the background. I’m only reminded it’s there when I accidentally click an ad and it stops the page from displaying. Constant updates from the team on twitter so I know it’s an app I can trust.

A blocker I trust and don’t have to worry about 5 stars

by Breathnac – Oct 31, 2019

Betterblocker is on my Apple devices and those of my family. It does what it says on the tin; it just works in the background and I don’t have to worry about it. And importantly, it is developed by people who care and are deeply ethical. Well worth the few £s

if things were this easy in life. 5 stars

by Tomlickomi – Dec 7, 2018

I want to thank you guys for all your hard loving work made on this app. Its just lovely to use hasle free and installation is a breeze. Please keep with the great work and keep surprising us with great products like this.

it works! 5 stars

by T0P STUFF – Nov 22, 2018

Tried a couple of free ones and then stumbled here. Read everything then purchased :)

Quick & Efficient 5 stars

by Dickie_Lad – Oct 30, 2018

I'm liking it so far. Blocks ads and doesn't slow down Safari.

Excellent no nonsense adblocker 5 stars

by Lorenzo Chang – Oct 3, 2018

It would be nice if the Better Blocker guys advertised their product a bit better: this product is fab. Safari is fast, responsive and ad-free whilst using Better Blocker and works much better than the old-style adblockers. This is now my solution for both macOS an iOS and am very happy to have purchased the pair.

Thanks folks.

Excellent adblocker 5 stars

by Moofysaurus – Oct 18, 2017

An excellent little piece of software that works without getting in the way. Highly recommended and unlike the free offerings out there you’re getting something meaningful, paying for it and not being patted down for micro transactions or having ads shoved in your face every five minutes. Created by a small and exceedingly principled team it strikes a chord reading about people who care it in a sea of others only Created by a small and exceedingly principled team it strikes a chord reading about people who care it in a sea of others only trying to make a quick buck.

An excellent blocker 5 stars

by Latentexistence - May 12, 2017

Well worth the price.

Speed and privacy 5 stars

by clagnut - Nov 18, 2016

Easy to install and does exactly what it’s supposed to: frees your browsing of megabytes of privacy-invading tracking. Even if you don’t mind unknown third parties building up and selling profiles of your browsing behaviour (and everything that can be inferred form it), the speed increases of both download and rendering by removing those trackers really surprised me. It’s simply made browsing the web far quicker and is worth the money for that alone. Installing Better did mean switching from Chrome to Safari for my general web use, but there’s no huge difference really (apart from Safari doesn’t track you like Google’s Chrome does of course).

Purchased. Installed. That’s better. 5 stars

by @reyes - Sep 23, 2016

Looking for a content blocker, no more, no less. This app scratches that pesky itch.

Instantly purchased: I can see the ads from the Deck! 5 stars

by Thibault: “Cut!”✂️ - Sep 22, 2016

Better is a very well done intrusive web scripts blocker. They can be ads, trackers, spammers, etc. Their ethical philosophy sound robust and make a lot of sense. The install is flawless and it let get through reasonable ads like The Deck. I've bought Better because I've been very annoyed by the new practices of u-block, Adblock and Ghostery. Next step: how to block when you click on a link in Facebook (de facto the biggest browser)?

Outstanding 5 stars

by RWRL72 - Jun 11, 2016

Straightforward and effective

Great little content blocker. 5 stars

by welly008 - Jun 6, 2016

Works really well and a delightful onboarding experience I hope this app is the start of a suite of apps such as VPN, messaging and maybe even a TOR style browser. Keep it up.

I’d like to know a little more about the database you use and how you plan to maintain this as this is the heart of the app itself.

I am hoping iOS X allows 3rd party browsers such as Firefox to take advantage of content blockers

Huskies - what's not to like? 5 stars

by DunsfordMage - Jun 5, 2016

Been using Crystal but switching to this after a recommendation and the Open Letter to Wired.

Makes the web Better. 5 stars

by the_modest_mouse - Jun 5, 2016

Thanks for such an incredibly simple app to make the web just that bit better!

Just what the web needs 5 stars

by dr.megalomaniac - Jun 5, 2016

I could not agree more with the intention of the developers in creating this. The app itself works as advertised so far, and should only get better over time.

Make it better 5 stars

by wwfsmd? - Jun 3, 2016

I’m more than happy to support Laura & Aral. Keep those frackers off your back and support a free and open web. (“trackers” autocorrected to “frackers”. Nice one autocorrect.)


Fantastic blocker 5 stars

by Yovko Lambrev - Jun 7, 2016

This is definitely the best iOS app for ads, content & tracker blocking!

Определено най-добрият iOS блокър за реклами, проследяващи/профилиращи скриптове и нежелано съдържание!


Better Blocker 5 stars

by Mojo: – Oct 1, 202

should be renamed, the most appropriate name is Best Blocker!

Reclaim your privacy 5 stars

by Jozef Izso - Sep 10, 2016

Keeps your information private, pages are not so huge anymore and load much quicker. I love this blocker just works.


We need more of this 5 stars

by mugaidavid - Jan 27, 2017

It not only works; it also informs and it is ethical. Thank you


Mycket bra!! 5 stars

by brus_1 – Nov 13, 2018

En av de viktigaste appar man bara måste ha. (Tyvärr... :( ) Bra jobbat!!

100% perfekt 5 stars

by bohden – Aug 10, 2018

Supergrym måste jag säga! Jag har provat många adblocker genom åren, men den här var ju helt överlägsen. Den rensar ju bort precis allt man inte vill se. Dock svår att hitta. Jag hittade den genom att sortera efter bäst betyg.

Grymt jobbat nere i Malmö. 😃

Mycket bra!! 5 stars

by brus_1 – May 27, 2018

En av de viktigaste appar man bara måste ha. (Tyvärr... :( ) Bra jobbat!! Extra kul att ni är i Malmö :-)

Vilken skillnad! 5 stars

by SmorgasLord – Feb 1, 2018

Känns som en ny telefon med Better! Superenkel, effektiv, osynlig. Nu laddas sidorna i Safari blixtsnabbt och de går att läsa utan störande reklam. Såå skönt, skulle skaffat detta mycket tidigare.

Great app 5 stars

by Justin Nel - Aug 13, 2016

Does exactly as described, works it’s magic in the background whilst I’m browsing the web. It’s a shame that I require such an app, but I’m glad that it exists!

Great 5 stars

by Gabbahhh - Jun 13, 2016

Fast and perfect ad blocker. Simple as that


Awesome App!!! 5 stars

by Anand3692 - Jun 18, 2016

The app does what is says! Cheers Dev!


Better blocks 5 stars

by Kmu19 – Oct 31, 2019

Easy to use (needs nothing on you), blocking is amazing. My browsing experience is so much better with better.

Better blocker 5 stars

by Kmu19 – Oct 18, 2017

Does the job. Delivers exactly what promised.

Better web 5 stars

by RoopeK - Aug 2, 2016

Fixes so many sites without you even noticing it. Especially valuable with mobile browser because you will get into the content immediately. Thank you!


Best blocker around 5 stars

by Tim Haynes – Oct 18, 2017

This is the best blocker available in my opinion. It blocks what should be blocked and lets everything else through. Is also well maintained by the developers. Yes, it does cost a few dollars but definitely worth the very small investment and gives some assurance that the developers can’t (or don’t need to be) be bought off.

Fantastic approach 5 stars

by ajmaus - Sep 24, 2016

A fantastic approach to ad blocking & preservation of user privacy, & no more pop-ups preventing content access. Thank you


Love this 5 stars

by Lr_K – Mar 24, 2021

So simple. So effective. Stay safe and secure

Very good! 5 stars

by davidbgk – Mar 22, 2021

Even on a closed platform you have to protect yourself from ads for a variety of reasons, starting with privacy. Better allows me to navigate on popular websites without being tracked (too much) and I appreciate that. As a bonus, you can expect a significant boost in performances when you download and evaluate less ad-related scripts. For the price, it’s a no-brainer to me. Kudos to the team!

Indispensable 5 stars

by tantramar – Jun 24, 2020

Wouldn’t consider using the web without Better installed.

Such a great little app! 5 stars

by Quartermarsh – Jan 22, 2020

It works flawlessly, it’s not going to data mine you, and it’s from great developers committed to making tools to help keep the web independent. Definitely worthy of your support!

It just works, period. 5 stars

by BB-K – Jan 21, 2020

It just works. Make it active in Preferences and enjoy the web without annoying ads.

Stealthy 5 stars

by SBB4292 – Jan 17, 2020

I was getting tired of stalker ads. You know, those emails you receive when you shop for something online and get an email the day after, ‘still looking for this item?’.

Perfect addition to AdBlock. Don’t forget to activate this app in Safari, under ‘content blocking’.

1.49$ well invested. Thank you.

Simple, Unobstrusive and Efficient 5 stars

by footnote356 – Dec 2, 2018

I've tried a few ad blockers. None were as easy to set up as Better Blocker. Been using it for awhile now and can honestly say it works as good as or better than the others. Would highly recomment this app to everyone using Safari.

Great addition to Safari 5 stars

by halshak – Oct 18, 2017

Makes news websites more tolerable and I’m no longer tracked!

Great blocker 5 stars

by Swagmoen - Jan 14, 2017

It is wonderful to be able to use my phone without my information being tracked by advertisers. I do not see as many ads anymore, my phone runs much faster, and I am consuming less data than I was before. Thank you!


Awesome blocker! 5 stars

by hiroru – Jan 22, 2020

This is the best blocker that I’ve tested so far in iOS and macOS, works fast and in a non-intrusive way for the user.

This is a personal opinion but I also got along with the team since I started using it. They put so much effort to keep in clean yet useful.

Well done!


by montferrat – Jan 15, 2020

La honestidad del equipo de Better Blocker me ha conquistado desde hace años facilitando mi trabajo de periodista y escritor, al ocuparse de espantar toda clase de insectos del corazón de mi ordenador. Bienvenida sea pues la Small Technology Foudation. Contad comn mi apoyo

Muy buen reemplazo para ADBLOCK 5 stars

by iJontxu – Nov 27, 2018

Al no poder utilizar la extensión de ADBLOCK para Safari y tener que buscar una app, y después de mucho buscar dí con BETTER BLOCKER. La verdad es que funciona sin ralentizar Safari, y bloquea toda la publicidad. Además, me he dado cuenta de que las webs no detectan que estás usando un bloqueador. Ah, y Apple deja claro que el bloqueador no tiene acceso a tus datos! :)

Absolutely fantastic! 5 stars

by hiroru – Nov 27, 2018

This is by far the best ad-blocker I've ever tried, is quite, is fast, didn't noticed any impact on system's performance, and is working! I've it installed on my MacOS, iPad and iPhone. Good work guys

Perfecta 5 stars

by JPABARREAL – Nov 17, 2018

Quieres ver una película online y al darle al play como magia ya no te lleva a otra página 3 o 4 veces Perfecta

Tan efectiva que no te lo crees 5 stars

by Franitoyo – Nov 15, 2018

Realmente eficiente que uno no se lo cree tras acostumbrarse a tanta basura. Es maravilloso navegar buscando anuncios y no encontrarlos. Super-recomendada!!!

Simple y efectiva 5 stars

by nnarayann – Nov 5, 2018

Hace lo que promete y se nota desde el minuto 1. Navegación más rápida y sin publicidad, tanto en macOS como en iOS. Enhorabuena!

Magnífico bloqueador 5 stars

by Abueloguapo – Oct 22, 2018

Acabo de instalar Better Blocker (son las 20:27) y me he metido en los principales periódicos nacionales que se han abierto SIN ningna dificultad y SIN ninguna propaganda. Mucho mejor que el anterior bloqueador con el que trabajaba. De momento, muy contento

Estupenda 5 stars

by LaMambaNegra – Sep 27, 2018

El mejor bloqueador de publicidad web que he tenido hasta el momento, hace lo que promete, limpia tu navegador de la publicidad y banner tan molestos

10 para la app

Gran sustituto de Adblock 5 stars

by FoxxMulder – Sep 24, 2018

Tras ver que AdBlock ya no permite tanta personalización como antes, decidí buscar un sustituto y efectivamente BETTER hace justo lo que dice, mejorar la carga de páginas, evitar rastreos y mejorar la experiencia navegando. La recomiendo 👍.

Muy bien 5 stars

by Joseluis3858 – Sep 29, 2017

Ideal para el entorno Apple,ya que es trasparente en cuando a desarrolladores,financiación y Privacidad (la extension de Safari es de las pocas que te dice que NO puede leer,modificar..tus datos).Es verdad que no bloquea el 100% como lo hacen adguard,etc pero esas otras Sí pueden leer,modificar….tus datos.La recomiendo 100%

Genial 5 stars

by Joseluis3858 - Apr 5, 2017

Hace lo que dice. Navega sin publicidad. Funciona igual de bien que en Mac

Gran aplicacion, mejor pensamiento 5 stars

by JosepFGR - Mar 5, 2017

Una realizacion perfecta de lo que el usuario pide y la descripcion de la apicacion ofrece. Ya uso la extension gratuita para Safarai, pero creo conveninete que tiene que ser remunerado y llegar a mas publico y por ese motivo he adquirido la app, para ayudar y porque seguro que en un futuro el equipo de desarrollo incrementa las habilidades de la app respecto la extension. Muchas gracias Better y animo a toda la gente a dar el paso.

Well intended and effective 5 stars

by elmimmo - Jan 26, 2017

Noticeably accelerates page rendering and hopefully stops third parties that try to profile me. The particular ads it lets through, I have no issue against.

South Africa

Use it and see how your browsing changes 5 stars

by PJC15SA - Jan 31, 2017

I’d followed Aral for a while before finally installing the app, trying to understand the concept of ethical design coming from a non-IT field. The tall and short of it is: considering how vastly different my browsing experience is now on my iPhone I shudder to think of how much data has been gathered about me. Also, pages load significantly faster now. All in all it's a great app. You don't need to understand it, you just need to download it and run it.


Melhor que água de coco num dia quente 5 stars

by Leonardo Tribst – Mar 24, 2021

Meu celular nunca teve nenhum problema. Credito isso em grande parte ao Better, que baixei imediatamente após a compra do telefone. É fácil de usar e, reparem, o desenvolvedor não recolhe os teus dados. Cinco estrelas e mereceria uma sexta.

Muito bom! 5 stars

by Calhau – Dec 8, 2017

Melhor do que as uBlock Origin! Recomendo!


Fast, stable and reliable 5 stars

by Mixopteryx – Oct 18, 2017


Excellent app 5 stars

by andrenb – Jun 2, 2017

Does exactly what it says in the description, works really well. Best ad & tracking blocker-type app I've used on the appstore!


Great and reliable tracking app 5 stars

by ifrantar – Oct 16, 2019

I know Aral and Laura's reputation on all things tracking and their fight and effort against dodgy websites to keep your privacy private—and by dodgy, I don't mean just cheeky ones, but most importantly sites like Facebook, Google and major ones—trying to steal and gather data on your browsing habits. I have Better blocker on my mobile and laptops and it makes your browser experience fantastic!

Speed up by lightening up 5 stars

by RonanMC – Feb 6, 2018

The reassuring thing is that vast quantities of trackers are blocked, but the noticeable thing is how much faster browsing is. Well worth supporting


It's just better than anything else 5 stars

by Mike Orlov – Sep 27, 2018

It is almost impossible to imagine that there may be a product made by a pair of really independent developers who care about their customers, not their revenue in our money-centered world. And yet here it is, and it works really great, and developers continue to improve it. Long live the Better! =)

Fast and has a greater goal 5 stars

by DrZaszus – Feb 27, 2018

It is impressive how fast Safari works now and I am glad to support the app’s mission of having a healthier internet!


100 % éthique 5 stars

by lauter352 – Mar 27, 2018

100 % éthique et rien que pour ça, ils méritent 5 étoiles.....


Amazing app 5 stars

by Vikelmaniac – Mar 9, 2021

This is exactly the app i was looking for, im very happy it respect user privacy! i notice other safary extensions were able to see sensitive information Can be improved a little more still notice 1 add on youtube, but excelent effort! other sites works perfect love it

Niceee 5 stars

by goog1992 – Nov 16, 2018

It’s a great app!

Amazing app :) 5 stars

by MonRivera – Sep 24, 2018

Hi! I love the way you designed this app, you can tell that it was wrote with love. Would love to see Chrome supported so I can enjoy it even more! ^ ^


Leggera e funzionante 5 stars

by Antonio_79 – Oct 10, 2019

Fa il suo dovere, non rallenta la navigazione delle pagine e sopratutto è leggera. La installi e te ne dimentichi. Ottimo lavoro ragazzi. Estenzione consigliatissima!!

Efficace 5 stars

by kOoLiNuS – Nov 4, 2018

Una protezione per la propria navigazione on-line sviluppata da persone e non da una multinazionale, persone che hanno a cuore la propria e la nostra privacy. Leggera, poco invadente, con un supporto diretto e senza intermediari. Offerta in questo periodo al prezzo di un caffè ! Provala e non te ne pentirai ! PS = funziona solo con Safari (purtroppo e per il momento … ma se abbastanza persone la supporteranno il supporto ad altri browser non tarderà ad arrivare)

etica 5 stars

by Furrypelvis – Oct 28, 2018

meno aggressiva delle altre ma più etica. per capirla a fondo dovete leggere gli intenti dello sviluppatore. io comunque la uso su iPhone e mac e mi ci trovo benissimo


Fantastic 5 stars

by igiannako – Nov 1, 2019

Thanks, it blocks all tracking instances, saves load time and bandwidth. I love it and have it installed also on my Mac. Love times ten.


Simply the best 5 stars

by alek.gk – Feb 13, 2021

Amazing app made by great people. <3