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The Deck Ad network: ads without tracking

“We’re fine with knowing nothing… As a network we have never issued cookies or tracked readers in any way.” – Source

Advertising without tracking

If the Deck Network can reward publishers without resorting to behavioural advertising and tracking people, so can you.

Folks like the IAB and Wired magazine will tell you that behavioural advertising is the only way publishers can make money. How surprising, then, that an alternative ad network called The Deck has been successfully supporting independent publishers with non-behavioural advertising for years.

Sites that are part of The Deck Network display one unobtrusive ad per page on their sites. The Deck’s ads are simply display ads; they are not behavioural and The Deck states that they do not track you. Better does not block ads from The Deck. Quite on the contrary, we are giving them our first Cloud of Fame Award for proving that you can adhere to the principles of the Ethical Design Manifesto even if you’re an ad network.

Both The Deck’s own web site and their service conform to the Ethical Design Manifesto. The Deck respects human rights, effort, and experience.

So, the next time someone tells you that you’re hurting independent publishers by using a content blocker, please tell them “poppycock” from us and inform them about The Deck. It’s time publishers found ways of making money from their content that do not involve jeopardising our safety on the web. Initiatives like The Deck prove that it is possible.

We will be showcasing other exemplary initiatives here in the future. If you know of any, please let us know.

No trackers

When we last checked, on Monday, May 16th, 2016, The Deck Network’s home page had no third-party content or trackers.

About Better

Better is a Safari content blocker for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It protects you from trackers and malvertising by enforcing the principles of Ethical Design.

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