Lijit, Inc. by Sovrn(

“Understand your audience. Engage your readers. Make more money.” – Source

Sovrn says “You know that feeling of joy when someone connects with your content? It’s even better when it makes you money.”

I think we just collectively threw up in our mouths a little – Ed.

Over 12 billion page views, 50,000 web sites, 20 billion monthly ad requests, over $1 million paid to publishers every month, over a petabyte of data stored and close to 1 billion unique readers

Surveillance is big business. – Ed.

Sovrn’s customers: Answers,, glassdoor, dailymotion, men’s fitness, MotherJones, patch, apartment theraphy, the chive, The Onion, Think Progress, classmates

This tracker proudly brought to you by… Sovrn’s customers include MotherJones, The Onion, and Think Progress. Take a bow for enabling surveillance capitalism, folks. – Ed.

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High: found on 2.8% of surveyed sites (207 instances observed).


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