The IBA wants to make a DEAL that puts people at risk on the Web by turning off their content blockers.

Dear Interactive Advertising Bureau,

Your DEAL is toxic for human rights. You urge sites to coerce people to stop protecting ourselves from web malware. This leaves us open to malicious ads and to the violation of our privacy through behavioural tracking.

Our response?


Open letter to Wired

Wired’s doorslam that blocks access to their site unless you turn off your web malware blocker. prevents you from viewing their site for protecting yourself from web malware and tracking.

As part of our No DEAL campaign, here’s our open letter to Wired, explaining why we’re blocking Wired’s blocker blocker.

Cloud of Shame

The web site


The 172 trackers on just this one site costs Americans over $4M a month in mobile data charges. This makes LifeBuzz, in our view, quite possibly the worst site on the web and the recipient of our first ever Cloud of Shame Award.

Learn more about LifeBuzz.

Cloud of Fame

The Deck Ad network: ads without tracking

The Deck Network

Folks like the IAB and Wired magazine will tell you that behavioural advertising is the only way publishers can make money. How surprising, then, that an alternative ad network called The Deck has been successfully supporting independent publishers with non-behavioural advertising for years.

Learn more about The Deck Network.